CTA Transportation Networks

March 2009

CTA maintains geographically-based representations of the North American transportation infrastructure suitable for individual modal or multimodal studies. The major components of this data system are analytic link-node networks designed primarily to support routing, traffic, investment, and reliability applications. However, their geographic bases also allow cartographic applications and the association of auxiliary environmental or economic data that are geolocated.

The three networks that are well documented and available below for open distribution are the Oak Ridge National Highway Network, the CTA Rail Network, and the composite Intermodal Transportation Network. However, CTA also uses customized versions of various waterway, global seaways, airways, and boundary datasets, and combines them in multimodal networks.

These datasets are in the public domain.

Highway Network

Railroad Network

Intermodal Network

Waterway Network

Supporting Data
      • North American Administrative Boundaries
      • CTA Intermodal Terminals Database
      • Intercounty Distance Matrix

For additional information, contact:

Bruce Peterson
Phone: (865) 946-1352

Email: petersonbe@ornl.gov

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