Intermodal Transportation Network

This web page contains five different data systems available for distribution:

1. ck - The intermodal network with county centroids

plus the four component modal networks and terminals used to construct it:

2. nh - Oak Ridge National Highway Network
3. qc - CTA operational railroad network
4. ws - National Waterways Network with attached global seaways
5.         Intermodal terminals

The individual modal networks are provided primarily to support users who wish to modify network ck, most commonly to calculate different link impedances, and must refer to original elements in order to do so. The component networks are therefore provided only in standard ascii form. For alternate formats and later versions of these networks, consult their separate web pages.

We expect a range of expertise and intentions on the part of users. To accommodate this range, the Intermodal Network comes in two forms:

1. cks - A standard ORNL version, described in accompanying documentation, contains the complete range of data in the system, but is difficult to use except in custom-written programs. This is the form that will probably be most convenient for users who have or wish to create their own network analysis programs, or who wish to modify data values.

2. ckg - GIS versions should be importable into TransCAD or Arc/Info with modest effort for the casual user.

     The Arc/Info version includes ascii link and node location and attribute files, the Arc/Info macro that will create link and node covers, and export versions of the covers (which may be imported into ArcView and some other GIS systems).

     The Maptitude/TransCAD version contains the link and node location and attribute files and the attribute dictionaries suitable for creating layers.

     Attribute files are identical for all GIS versions. Geographic coordinates are in decimal degrees (no projection), datum NAD27. Although the network should be "routable" in any GIS, users are cautioned about the use of native impedances and unrestricted centroid connections (see documentation).

Since the component network qc94 did not reflect the recent Conrail restructuring at the time this network was assembled (Feb 2000), the effective date of the composite network is May 1999.

The following two data systems are not documented on independent web pages:
     1. The ws waterway network uses the same BTS format, and the same variables, as were included in the distribution of the National Waterways Network on the National Transportation Atlas Database CD-ROM in early 1997. There is no documentation. The documentation in the NTAD should be adequate, and is downloadable from their website Network 'ws' is simply the NWN with selected links and attachments from the global seaways network concatenated at the bottom.
     2. ORNL terminals - There are two comma-delimited data files (BTS format) with variable names listed in the first (comment) record of each. Documentation is included.

It is unlikely that any user would wish to download every file on this site. Typical users who write their own programs will download (or
print) the ck documentation Cnetdoc.txt and download the cks network files. Serious users who write their own impedance functions will also download the component modal networks. A typical ArcView user will download the ckg export files (.e00 extension) only.

Contents of the Intermodal Transportation Network:

ck Cnetdoc.txt          download description
  CKhelp.chm on-line help
  CFS_Proc.html TransCAD notes

  cks (standard)

ckg (GIS version)

    Maptitude   Arc/Info ckg02ll.txt ckg02hrw.lla link attributes
cks02hrw.lcp ckg02lc.geo ckg02hrw.lca link locations
cks02hrw.ndp ckg02nd.txt ckg02hrw.nda node attributes
 . ckg02nc.geo ckg02hrw.nca node locations
 . ckg02ll.dcc rcap.aml link attr dict
 . ckg02nd.dcc download node attr dict
 .  .   cover creation
 .  . ckg02lvd.e00 link cover
 .  . ckg02nvd.e00 node cover
download download download  


nh - highways download
  Standard format  
  nhpa1us.lnk link attributes
  nhpa1us.nod node attributes
qc - operational RR network Temporarily unavailable
  Standard format  
  qc94us.llr link attributes
  qc94us.lcr link locations
  qc94us.ndr node attributes
  qc94us.iln interlines
ws - waterways download
  BTS format  
  ws79.lnk link loc/names
  ws79.tl1 link attributes
  ws79.geo link locations
  ws79.nod node loc/names
  ws79.tn1 node attributes


on-line help
  ortrm02.nod trm loc/names
  ortrm02.atr trm attributes

Note: Files with an extension of 'lnk' (ie, nhpa1us.lnk and ws79.lnk) may not appear in a Windows directory listing because they are assumed to be shortcuts.

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