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The Oak Ridge National Highway Network contains approximately 500,000 miles of roadway in the US, Canada, and Mexico, including virtually all rural arterials and urban principal arterials in the US. Geographic accuracy is generally 100 m in the US, with geography mostly derived from USGS Digital Line Graphs and digitization. It includes a large attribute set relevant to routing. Coordinates are in decimal degrees, datum NAD27. This version (hp80) was last updated January 2008. Changes from the initial version in 2001:
     1. Routine maintenance.
     2. Arc/Info export version dropped in favor of shapefile version.

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NHN functional class

Functional class

NHN source codes


Downtown Sacramento

Interchange generalization

Phoenix metro area

Node names

Documentation: "Description of the Oak Ridge National Highway Network"

Download ORNHN  
     Native format (Compressed ASCII 12 MB) download
     Shapefile format (Compressed binary 16 MB) download

Reformat program RHA to convert native format to a variety of GIS system inputs.

     Configuration file RHAshape.txt with instructions.

     Program files RHAmain.for, RHAsubs.for, RHA.exe.       download  

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