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The purpose of this Pre-FOT is to provide a bridge between the just-completed WRI Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS) Pilot Test (Pilot Test) (31 Jan 11) and the desired large-scale FOT (2014).  A bridge is needed because critical portions of the WRI CMRS Pilot Test were not completed or fully tested (e.g. pull-in/by-pass, safety sensor data present in Safety Data Message (SDM), flexible geo-fencing, carrier interface), and the Government Back Office System (GBOS) was not developed in a way to support real, large-scale WRI testing (e.g., interface not relevant to enforcement, system not stable or robust, safety sensor data not understood by developers).  This effort, the WRI CMRS Pre-FOT End-to-End System Validation (WRI Pre-FOT), seeks to develop and test a complete end-to-end system with multiple fleets, multiple vehicles, and multiple technology partners by leveraging what was accomplished in the Pilot Test, streamlining the complexity of such an effort, exploring and abating risk areas, relying on the preexisting hardware and systems within private industry, and applying the previous successes of similar projects at ORNL.

A CMRS-based solution that is developed based on a set of end-to-end and sub-module (“black box”) functional specifications.  Assumptions are documented and explored as to validity.  The final WRI Pre-FOT system is scalable in all of its components and interfaces to meet the needs of an FOT.  WRI system features (See System Features Section below) that are seen by stakeholders as needed for a truly viable system are included, developed, tested, and analyzed in the Pre-FOT.  The Pre-FOT total system (consisting of partners, hardware, software, and vehicles) is small enough to be manageable, but large enough to give statistically meaningful test data that will answer the go/no-go question for a full FOT.

The goal of the WRI Pre-FOT is to support the WRI Program by determining the viability and effectiveness of wireless CMV inspection using currently-existing telematics technologies and a custom-developed government system to receive and process the SDMs.

The WRI CMRS goal will be met by the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate WRI via one or more CMRS Partner systems,
  • Demonstrate the transfer of a CMRS-generated SDM to the GBOS,
  • Demonstrate the transfer of the CMRS-generated SDM from the GBOS to the State centralized and roadside-based systems,
  • Demonstrate WRI CMRS end-to-end system functionality via one or more CMRS Partner systems, and
  • Demonstrate carrier, enforcement, and compliance decision making using associated WRI GUI(s) populated with the CMRS-generated SDM.


See the Project Overview slide presentation for more information (PDF, 1.4MB)