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Level-1 inspection and pbbt correlation analysis tool (LPAt)

PBBTThe North American Standard (NAS) Level 1 Inspection and Performance Based Brake Tester (PBBT) Correlation Analysis Tool (LPAT) was designed to help analyze and research the correlation between the PBBT and traditional NAS Level 1 inspections. This tool offers the ability to analyze the data separately or in correlation to one another.

This program was designed to further analyze data collected within the CMVRTC at a series of operational weigh and inspection stations along I-81 and I-40 in Tennessee by the researchers and interns at ORNL’s Center for Transportation Analysis. Data collected is primarily Level 1 inspection data and PBBT data.

The PBBT is a device that measures brake forces at each wheel, axle, as well as the vehicle as a whole, in order to determine the current braking capability of a commercial motor vehicle. The measurement results are compared to the minimum brake performance standards that are specified in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (currently 43.5% brake efficiency is required for the overall vehicle).

The NAS Level 1 inspection is an inspection that includes examination of the driver, vehicle (including brake systems, exhaust systems, fuel systems, etc.), and load requirements.

See Poster (PDF, .7MB) and Users Guide ( PDF, .5MB)