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medium truck duty cycle (MTdc) project


The Medium Truck Duty Cycle (MTDC) project involves efforts to collect, analyze and archive data related to medium-truck operations in real-world driving environments.  Such data and information will be useful to support technology evaluation efforts and to provide a means of accounting for real-world driving performance within medium-class truck analyses.  The project involves private industry partners from various truck vocations.

The MTDC project is unique in that there currently does not exist a national database of characteristic duty cycles for medium trucks.  This project involves the collection of data from multiple vocations (four vocations) and multiple vehicles within these vocations (three vehicles per vocation) while the vehicles conduct their normal operations.  The collection of this data does not perturb the vehicle’s normal duty cycle.  For the MTDC Part 1 field operational test (FOT), three vehicles, each from two vocations (urban transit and dry-box delivery) were instrumented for one year of data collection.  The MTDC Part 2 FOT will involve the towing/recovery and utility vocations.

This program involves a number of tasks to collect and analyze real-world duty cycle data from medium trucks data in order to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Provide a source of real-world medium-truck performance data that can be used by DOE for making decisions related to future technology investments;
  • Provide a baseline of data that can be used to gauge twenty-first century technology advancements;
  • Provide a national source of real-world data for the medium-truck research community;
  • Potentially provide data suitable to EPA’s goal of collecting emissions data from medium trucks in quantifiable driving environments; and
  • Potentially provide data useful to the FMCSA’s goal of collecting vehicle, driver and carrier data in real-time during normal vocational operation.


The vehicles participating in the MTDC project are doing so through gratis partnerships in return for access to the results of this study.  Partnerships such as these are critical to FOTs in which real-world data are being collected.  A partnership with FMCSA allowed the collection of additional safety-related signals beyond the normal set of duty cycle data collected in previous efforts. 

For Part 1 of the MTDC FOT, three vehicles each from The H.T. Hackney Company (dry-box delivery) and Knoxville Area Transit (urban transit) were instrumented for data collection. For Part 2 of the FOT, three vehicles each from utility and towing/recovery vocations were instrumented for data collection. Fountain City Wrecker Service, Inc. granted the use of towing vehicles and Knoxville Utiity Board granted the use of utility vehicles.


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