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   About Telework at ORNL


ORNL Guidance on Alternate Work Location   Work is What you Do - Not Where You Go


A new Alternative Work Location (AWL) Subject Area (a.k.a., Telework) was issued in SBMS on February 3, 2012 which replaces the previous Alternative Workplace Subject Area. The AWL subject area incorporates an option to telecommute, along with guidelines for employees who are hired remotely either permanently or temporarily. Telework is part of the Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI), and can be beneficial for the employee and ORNL. The ORNL Commute Report, Survey and Recommendations 2010 recommended that ORNL implement an aggressive strategy to reduce travel in single-occupant gasoline vehicles through workplace arrangement such as telecommuting. 



Diane Davidson, the Employee Commute Roadmap Owner for the Sustainable Campus says, “Telecommuting will decrease ORNL’s annual commute-related CO2 emissions in support of a more sustainable campus.  Studies have also shown that organizations that created a strong telework culture saw improvements in employee morale, retention, rate of productivity, and a decrease in stress levels and absenteeism.”


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How Do Lab Employees Commute?   Why Encourage Teleworking Now?
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The new SBMS policy will also assist the laboratory in meeting the requirements of Executive Order 13514 which requires that agencies implement transit, travel training, and conferencing strategies to support low-carbon commuting; participate in regional transportation planning, as well as Scope 3 greenhouse gas reduction requirements; and reduce the number of vehicles for less congestion and safer operations.


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