Older Drivers Spreadsheet README (Oct. 25, 2000)

IMPORTANT: This file works ONLY on Excel 97 or Excel 2000. Any other spreadsheet program (including earlier version of Excel such as Excel 95) may be able to open the file but will not be able to take advantage of the wizards that give this file its functionality.

Instructions on opening the file:

If you've downloaded the self-extracting version, double click on the file once you've downloaded it. There will be a file path shown on the screen where the spreadsheet will be extracted. To change the file path, click on the button with three periods (...). Once you've chosen a file path, select Extract and the spreadsheet will be unzipped. Now, go to the folder you've chosen to extract to (either through the Windows Explorer or through typing the file path in the Run command found in the Start Menu) and double-click the file labeled 'older drivers spreadsheet' or 'older drivers spreadsheet.xls' (Note there is no difference in the two file names, only in whether your system is set to display the .xls file extension).

If double-clicking the file does not open the spreadsheet, open Excel from the Start menu and then select File..Open. Navigate to the file path chosen earlier and select the file labeled 'older drivers spreadsheet' or 'older drivers spreadsheet.xls'.

Once you've opened the file, select Enable Macros if a prompt is given. Not doing so will give not allow you to use the spreadsheet's functionality. On occasion, Excel may present a different dialog warning you that this file contains macros and ask you if you are sure that you want to open it. If such a prompt is given, select Yes.

Instructions on using the file:

Once you have correctly opened the file, you will see the 'Main' screen with four options - ORNL Projections, Customized Projections Wizard, Project Overview, and Spreadsheet Help. Clicking on ORNL Projections will open a box where you can select how you want to view the projections already completed by ORNL.

Clicking on the Customized Projections Wizard icon will open the wizard which allows you to make your own step-by-step projections following the empirical structure developed by ORNL. Further help is available within the wizard itself.

Clicking on the Project Overview icon will open the executive summary from the ORNL report, Projecting Fatalities in Crashes Involving Older Drivers, 2000-2025. Also found in the overview is a link to the ORNL CTA website where you can view the entire report online.
Finally, clicking on the Spreadsheet Help icon will display contact information in case various help options along the way do not adequately explain use of the spreadsheet.

Known Bugs:

In certain situations, closing Excel 2000 will cause a dialog box titled 'VBA Project Password' will appear asking for a password. Clicking OK will lead to an 'Invalid Password' response. Click 'Cancel' several times to get rid of this box. (Note that leaving it open will cause Excel to continue using system resources.) Most versions of Excel do not appear to demonstrate this behavior.  To this point, this behavior has only been observed on the computer on which the spreadsheet was developed.