An administrative distribution of funds among the States for programs that do not have statutory distribution formulas
The distribution of funds as prescribed by a statutory formula; a "line of credit"
Legislation that makes funds available for expenditure with specific limitations; legislation that provides for States to be reimbursed
A process that (1) uses State-reported motor fuel tax revenue data, estimates missing data, and adjusts the data as required to determine on-highway use of motor fuels within each State; (2) uses this determination to find the proportion of each State's usage in comparison to all other States; and (3) attributes the Federal Highway Trust Fund receipts to highway users in each State
An Act that allows a program to start and establishes a level of funds that may be used
An alcohol (CH5OH) distilled from renewable sources such as grain, sugar crops, or almost any starchy plant
A blend of unleaded gasoline and alcohol (ethanol or methanol); the percentage of alcohol content varies
Highway Trust Fund
An account established by law to hold Federal tax revenues dedicated for highway and transit purposes
An alcohol (CH2OH) produced from coal and organic wastes, especially waste-wood products
Minimum Guarantee
Funding provided to ensure that States receive a certain share of the total Federal-aid highway program, that they receive a minimum return on their contributions to the Highway Account of the Highway Trust Fund, and that no State receives less than $1 million per year in minimum guarantee funds
For purposes of apportioning funds under Sections 104 and 105 of Title 23, U.S. Code, any of the 50 States plus the District of Columbia
Trust Funds
Accounts established by law to hold receipts collected by the Federal Government and earmarked for financing special purposes and programs

Definitions in this list were derived from the following sources: Financing Federal -Aid Highways, FHWA-PL-99-015, August 1999; Primer, Highway Trust Fund, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Policy Development,, November 1998; Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia 2001,



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