Executive Summary

A basic graph showing the path of Federal taxes through the apportionment process.

Highway Account

authorized by
fiscal year)
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Map of the USA
Surface Transportation Program (STP)
Interstate Maintenance (IM)
National Highway System (NHS)

Minimum Guarantee


TRUST FUND (Dollars)
Apportionment Factor
of Factor
Reference Table in
Highway Statistics
STP Contribution to Highway
Trust Fund (dollars)
IM Commercial Vehicle
Contribution (dollars)
NHS Diesel Usage (gallons)
Minimum Guarantee Contribution to Highway
Trust Fund (dollars)

Legislation from the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) increased significantly the amount of Federal apportionments that rely on the motor-fuel/HTF attribution process and factors. For example, under the current attribution process, more than $12 billion are apportioned annually to the States in TEA-21 Federal apportionments, compared to

$1-2 billion annually under preceding legislation. Also, all the States receive Federal apportionments through this process while under previous legislation only about 20 States did.

This brochure describes the motor-fuel/HTF process including some refinements and improvements FHWA is making after consultation with the States.

The first two sections of the brochure provide general background on the process; the third section describes the FHWA reassessment of the process. The fourth section describes refinements FHWA is making to ensure that data are reported and processed in a consistent manner. An implementation timetable for these refinements is also included. The fifth section describes an Implementation/Action Plan that will incorporate the latest in technology and management processes into the motor-fuel/HTF attribution process.



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