Download the Biomass Energy Data Book

Edition 4 of the Biomass Energy Data Book is available for download in PDF format. It is available as a single file however, due to the large file size, it may also be downloaded in the sections listed below.

Full Document Download the Biomass Energy Data Book in one large continuous file. File size: (6,435 KB)
Front Matter Title Pages, Table of Contents, Acronyms, Preface, and Abstract (626 KB)
Chapter 1 Introduction to Biomass (2,370 KB)
Chapter 2 Biofuels (1,291 KB)
Chapter 3 Biopower (360 KB)
Chapter 4 Biorefineries (334 KB)
Chapter 5 Feedstocks (2,134 KB)
Appendices Conversions, Biomass Characteristics, Sustainability (621 KB)
Glossary Glossary (566 KB)
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Biomass Energy Data Book